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[Debuts] Katreena Ramos’ 18th Birthday

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Its been a while since I shot a debut event. Mr Francis gave me this gig a day before the event, Ive been shooting weddings for quite sometime now so it was a welcome opportunity to shoot a different event this time.

Ive met some challenges in this shoot, the preparation was held in a beauty salon near Hillsborough in Alabang. I was pressured to produce shots for the debutant’s details. Fortunately, there was a vacant lot with some grass near the Total gasoline station where the beauty salon was located. I did get some curious looks though from people passing by the area and some people who were placing their lotto bets (the vacant lot was littered with lotto cards, so we needed to do some cleaning) while I was shooting the details.

Another challenge that I needed to hurdle is the debutant’s portrait session. Unfortunately, the hair and make up session took longer than usual, there was no sunlight left for us to take advantage of. Add to that, it was really dark outside Hampton Court, so we needed to improvise just to produce the needed shots for her album.

Overall I enjoyed Reena’s party! It was nice to party with the young ones once in a while :)

This shoot was done under framespersecond digital studio. For bookings, you may contact Mr. Francis Conmigo of framespersecond studio.

Preps: Mimar The Salon
Reception: Hampton Court, Hillsborough Village Alabang



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